Frontier Carpenter said...

I just found your blog very interesting. Thank you

neoshed said...

Interesting reading and I appreciate your sense of humour. I couldn't see any way to subscribe so maybe that's part of the subscription problem?

edit I found the subscription but only after typing this out.

Damien said...

To be honest, I started by checking my last post for ... humour.

Thank you and the Frontier Carpenter for your comments and appreciation.

Wim said...


I'm an old carpenter and read your blog on the Internet.
A roll plane is a plane that was used to scrape. Gutters

A gutter was a wooden beam 7 x 20 cm, where a groove was planed.
The roof water then ran through the groove.

After 1930 no longer happen.
It occurred mainly in small homes, where poor people lived in rural areas.

I hope you can read. My broken english


Wim Spijker

Jim Hanna said...

Found your comments on the Stanley 13-050.

I've seen two different variants of this, one with a screw on the sliding section to tweak the sliding section and body parallel - similar to teh screw for the same purpose on the older Stanley 50, but also one without this screw. The one without seemed to have a significantly better casting and machining.

I was wondering if anyone could throw light on the sequence of production, which one came before the other.