01 October 2013


After choosing the title to stay close to the previous scythe post, I more or less checked in a dictionary,  it's ok.  After being scythed, I scythed the grass,  staying away of a part held by wasps. The result is certainly bested by anything I saw on youtube. 

For the rest moles had already attacked the grass from the underside making me dig earth time and again.

I therefore took more sharpening stops than normal. As I only nail-tested the blade after sharpening, I am still uncertain if that many stops were needed. But hey, it's a rest and while sharpening you make more noise than working.
The whole idea of letting the grass grow during the summer is to increase the biodiversity and to offer a natural habitat to moles, rabbits, mice, ants and even wasps.
Oh yes, oaks!  In the process I did not only cut grass, but downed a dozen of young oaks. I nearly felt like the Valiant Little Tailor.  I have no intention to let oaks reconquer their early medieval habitat. So as much as letting grass grow, cutting meadows maintains biodiversity.