02 November 2012

Staring at people

Staring at people,  I shouldn't,  but then the conjunction of three posts and I did.  The Oregon Woodworker presented the different approaches of Christopher Schwarz and Paul Sellers about bench and as such planing height, for him that's 34" vs 40".  And then both presented a video and used a plane talking about a shooting board for Sellers and plane tuning for Schwarz.
The benches used are not necessarily standard,  as for presentations, by lack of an anatomical theater,  low benches may give a better view,  certainly for a sitting audience.

Schwarz seems to drop 4" (thanks to young knees?) setting his elbow nearly in line with the top of the plane.

Where Paul Sellers planes with his elbow an inch or two lower.

In the end both have, unsurprisingly, their elbow nearly in line with the plane.

As for the shoulders,  Paul Sellers sets his shoulders higher than average people do even at rest,  they stay 'low' during the whole process.  Chris Schwarz right shoulder starts low and stays low, I think, mainly dropping his head.  His left shoulder climbs to give more pressure to the front.  And me?  The moment I grab a tool my shoulders climb and turn rigid.