31 October 2012

Summer fall

A few pictures taken in the forest nearby.  Some in the late summer others a month later.  The forest has a part oriented to children.

There be dragons and mighty snakes.  The snake is more a legless lizard as it refers to the smalish slowworm Anguis Fragilis ,  the fragilis is probably about the possibility to lose its tail like lizards do.

A place for camps, percussion

A liana, step trunks, puzzle trees to climb  .... and much more: a tree over a deep ditch (with safety nets),  a giant mikado game....  Looking at the public I think it's made for six year olds, but I couldn't convince my kids.

A month later we crossed the children part to see the falling leaves. Some kids move enough even while 'sitting' behind a computer,  but then we need pictures to feed our hungry blogs and facebooks.