04 August 2012

No stinking wood

Last weekend I made an unexpected and short visit to Toscany in Italy, I still need to see Rome ... and Naples - before I die,  and tried to give some attention to wood.  No luck, even secondary buildings like a separate garage seem to stick to an all concrete and bricks approach (picture from the inside of the garage).  Not that it's a problem, because the massive walls and roofs make the high temperatures more bearable.

But things got worse,  visiting Volterra and its alabaster carvers and turners, here again everything is made of stone.

 I forgot to take pictures with my mobile, so I have only one picture with glassware to show and some other forgotten techniques with marble from Carrara (I knew her sister,  marble on translucent white) ,  maybe the horses in the background are carved.    But then I saw old pictures of pole-lathe alabaster turners and I got started.

So was there really no wood?  Of course there was, tradition is one thing, tourists are another, a full section olive wood artefact's was displayed. Now, oval turning,  how do they do that? 

I also think that the whole stone houses is a modern thing,  as steel is needed to reinforce thinner structures.  So  here a medieval top on a modernized first floor example in ... if it was Saturday it was Como....  The blurred effect is most certainly ice-cream.  And some roof details of a palace in Firenze,  I was on bread and water that time.