30 June 2012

Open toolboxes - 5

This post is part of a series about open toolboxes. Since my last post about toolboxes I discovered a number of interesting examples and I restarted an older project of mine.  So here are a number of pictures and links.

Through a posting of Mathias Wandel at woodgears.ca  I discovered two open toolboxes of David Zimmermann Júnior and Jean Pierre Lana.  Although both use the same 'magic' box,  the implementations are distinctive.

At Lee Valley they published an exerpt of  Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Vol. 21, 1925.  and without much details a Carpenters tool box is shown.  A clever addition is a movable saw rack stored for transport in the narrow free space above the plane tray and moved high on top once the box is opened

At lumberjocks Mafe  presents the  study, creation and use of a japanese toolbox popularised by Toshio Odate through his book Japanese woodworking tools their tradition spirit and use.  I did put that book on the index [edit: a gallicism mettre à l'index about a forbidden books list].  After reading it I certainly will start buying Japanese saws and chisels and stones and planes and then try to decide what's best -  ending up between two stools (detail Bruegel 1559).  So I am only interested in a book about japanese furniture for now.
[edit] I also found a picture of a similar three legged stool. I am not sure if I prefer a four legged one

[edit 6th july ] One more thing: Greg Miller posted Tool Chest? Nah... give me an open tool box about his new on site open toolbox.

And me.  Inspired by open air woodworkers like Jack Plane, Paul Sellers and myriads of others,  I decided to work again on my humm ... bench box, ... black box,  ...  whatever,  fixed top tool box.  It's a work in progress as I am still packing the interior before fixing the top.  Later once I checked it is usable I have the intention to make a longer post about it.