29 February 2012

The sound of wood

A quick post ... to avoid a postless month.  Saved by a leap year.  I had something else in mind but uploading images is a not working - maybe rightfully as even the second picture taking session didn't give the right image quality.

This post is about Paul Sellers again,  this time with his first DVD Woodworking Essentials 1 (also available on various Amazon) If I could get it at the American price I would start to think about the whole series.

I found the DVD interesting as the four starters projects presented are all free hand,  giving the full attention to wood,  its structure, sound, smell, species and the use of some basic tools.  On the tool front the only tool presented I miss is a gouge.  This brings me to my best routines:  buying tools and books (DVDs) compared to woodworking.  My only problem with the DVD besides the price is its edition style, I already saw it in some BBC programs some years ago and I still don't like it.

On his blog I liked his today's post and video about a 5 minutes raised panel job.  Here again a good flow, not much measuring,  and this time less editing.  Two technical aspects stand out in the demo:  One the use of a vice.  Instead of setting the panel flat on the bench it's clamped in the vice.  Maybe to make it more visible,  but the same happened when carving a bowl in the DVD. Two, he is continuously resetting his #4 plane from rough to fine,  four times making it 7 changes for this 5 minute panel demo. This shows that a Bailey plane is two times better than a wooden plane,  as common mortals would need two wooden planes to do the job.