16 May 2015


I love angles, but making those angles fit is always a problem.  So here again,  I recycled some wood,  set a first angle here or rather a pair of them,  added a second,  had to eyeball a third to make it 'fit'. Seeing the result I should have opened the first angles a little more to disrupt that lame heart like motif. Or embrace it and go Steve Ramsey style,  where is my pink paint?
The joinery?  No room for wood joinery with all these angles, just screwing up the whole,  I mean saved the project with screws everywhere.  Although, if there is a next time, I have some ideas about joinery.  But it will not be easy to make it hold, ... I will need extra angles there too.

The function?  It's for keeping basketballs out of the sun and to make the place look a little more tidy.

I forgot about the third ball.  Sorry no room for such a small ball, we are no small kids anymore.

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