30 September 2014

Fast holdfast

I got hold of a French holdfast with cam lever.  Having already mentioned them in a previous post,  I found one on a French second hand list and got acceptable shipping costs.  I imagine it as an early seventies model.
It weights 2,5kg (5#).  So it's maybe heavy enough to be set without hammer,  but in practice there is too much play in the hinges to throw it in place.

Not that setting is a problem,  the promise of a one handed operation is fulfilled. And there is plenty plenty of room for even more pressure.  The only problem is maybe the weight, disengaging 2,5kg out of a narrow hole is nothing light.  I glued a thin strip of soft wood (populus nigra) under the pressure point, to give the holdfast a softer touch.  An iron fist on a poplar shoe.

The model is still sold under a more modern form ... that's more the eighties (?) as design.

It looks as if they use a thread,  so it's already close to the 'English' model from Axminster but with the handle in between and not on top. And Veritas too does something similar.

And now that we are at it Sjöbergs has a different approach for something similar,  but it works nevertheless