29 August 2013

Who's that man?

Last week I was in Italy.  Looking, from the St.Peter square, to the apostle statues on the facade I saw St.Andrew.  At that distance one of the few saints easily identifiable by a large X cross.  For the rest ... St.Thomas holding a lance, that's the second or third  on the right hand side?
But where is St Peter?  He normally holds keys. He should have been there,  so maybe the early Benchcrafted Criss Cross description gets things right, a X cross is a St Peter's cross and he's there standing on the left (?) hand side.

Once I got back to the real thing (that's on-line) I was able to sort things out.  I found the site of the place: It's St.Andrew.

As for St.Peter he's standing in front of the building with St.Paul. The statue of St. Peter is 5.55m in height, on a pedestal 4.91m high.  That's 35 feet high and I missed it.  I should have made the effort to cross the square.

My favorite part of Rome are the 7 Egyptian obelisks.  The one on the square (1835 BC, moved to Rome in 37 BC) is in some ways the least impressive as it is devoid of hieroglyphs.  Taking a closer look at my picture of the obelisk, the statue of St.Peter is visible on top of the black screen more to the right.

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