18 July 2013

Roubo: établir le bois

Looking at Roubo's planche 5  I could see a number of cabalistic signs used to mark pieces of wood.  Marking is called by Roubo établir le bois, it's also in the Littré, a landmark 1870 dictionary.

A is for side styles where B,C, D, E is for rails and is in usage close to the classic triangle marking. H is a cut line and I is a corrected cut line.  As I have some problems with understanding F and G,  I looked at a more recent French work of the sixties by René Rombauts who describes them as signes d'établissement.  The same markings are used but this time in context,  showing that it's a mix of a triangle and an arrow.

The markings I learned during a course are different, the style markings are the other way around, the arrow has a bottom more like in Roubo but no center line.

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