29 April 2013

½ #3 Lumber storage cart

After seeing Steve Ramsey build his lumber storage cart on youtube,  I felt inspired to build something similar.

He has his own technique, cutting and routing sheets often directly from his truck.  By the time the pieces hit the ground, it's nearly a finished project. Due to his method most cuts are in the width and the lumber cart echoes this approach by being 4 feet wide.

What I want is a 8 foot cart made with 1 sheet of plywood, some metal profiles and then some scraps. There is no sense to throw much good lumber after scraps.  Eight feet because cutting is free in the DIY shop and I reduce a sheet in narrower strips when putting them on the roof of my car.
At the same time an excuse for its big size is the fact that it must also become a miter saw stand.
Putting my drawing besides Steve Ramsey's real thing I see the project lost its muchness.

Ok, after spring caught up with California I made the cart.  Using only one plywood sheet represent more work, less weight and less stiffness (mainly torsion). The miter saw stand part looks usable.  It still needs some hood - conical bag, to catch as much sawdust as possible.

I tried to stiffen up the wheel base with a metal strip.  But pretensioning the strip was not a full success,  so it could be that I get some sagging.  A previous method was to put a wet board for a week in a plastic bag and then to glue it up with polyurethane glue. Hoping that when drying the board would shrink (I discovered it's at best 0.5%) and create some tension.
To keep the miter saw usable I wanted to make the cart as low as possible,  this means small wheels. I used wheel pairs as it was cheaper than using a sturdier low profile wheel.

Technically:  Glue and screws for the plywood and screws only for the rest.

Project "½ #3" ? As this is a woodshop project, according to the code it counts only for half.  The code is owned by Disney for forever minus one day,  so there is no escape to it.

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