28 April 2013

#2 Sloppy Trolley

Project #2 a book box trolley.  After making a few years ago a student book box,  this is a box to contain a student's books and move those around or set them on a table,  I wanted to free up the table again and made a trolley to contain the box.  The 'customer' favors rough unfinished wood and by chance I found wooden trolley wheels to complete the look.

Technically:  Unfinished unevenly glued wooden panels assembled with screws,  mainly pocket holes.  To cope with the not so dry wood,  only side and top panels. The only candidates for splitting are a few narrow (10cm - 4") boards in the back used to stiffen up the whole structure.
Design: After a preliminary sketch,  I bought the wood,  glued two panels and build the whole to the box. 

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