31 March 2013

#1 Microwave shelve

Seeing the steady projects flow of some, star video woodworker or mere mortal like Mathias Wandel,  Steve Ramsey,  l'gosseux de bois achieve,  I thought I could try to blog about projects.  Not weekly but monthly with some slack, say 8 to 12 considering the cold start we got this year 6 to 8 projects in a year. If I ever achieve a steady stream, I could count the incestuous workshop projects as only half a project.

So project #1 a wall shelve for my microwave.  To free up a window again, I made a hanging shelve.  Picking up my old heavyweight 4 in 1 (minus 1) microwave I had some doubts it will hold, but for now it's there.  The finish is a whitish tung oil.  It still needs a few layers but I am happy with the result,  it's wood, but the color is neutral enough to blend with the walls.

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