28 February 2013

Pollarded willow

Pollard, a tree or animal which has been polled (had its branches, horns or antlers removed) wikipedia Why then not polled willow? I know it as knotwilg nl or saule tĂȘtard fr

Last November when I took some pictures while visiting the 'dead pasture',  I found most pictures too gray. Today, end February, I see them with different eyes.  So a post about sunnier days.

A first row of pollarded willows.  According to wikipedia the branches should be cut every 5-7 years.

A second row, of old trees this time.  The branches are used for basket weaving.  And apparently someone is harvesting them.

The trees are anthropomorphic even more when painted or drawn,  with near human size,  head, eyes,  hair or arms

Besides weaving baskets willow is used together with rattan to make traditional giants.  Here a picture  found through internet of Lieve Lieckens a giant weaver.