25 February 2013

Anne, sister Anne, do you see ...

The month is ending and nothing to show,  only #*µ%-snow. Seeing the illustrative snow picture I checked to see if I had set the camera to black and white, nope.  It's slightly too cold to work in the workshop - at least to my standards, so I looked for some pictures on my mobile to create a post.

By lack of Bluebeard's castle, I stopped recently to show a medieval tower, de Toren (1350), to the young ones.  They were even polite enough to appreciate the empty grounds of a major summer festival nearby.
I visited the tower 20 years ago for a birthday party.  The owner gave me then a go ahead to go to the top.  Surprisingly the floors are made of arched brickwork.  The roof is interesting,  although it could be a seventeenth century update - I am no historian.

The Ferraris map from 1777 shows the pond around the tower, but also that there was a wet moat surrounding the whole 'castle'

A google view showing that the Ferraris guys didn't get it totally right as the tower is not directly attached to the building,  but by a narrow wooden bridge.

To finish the post some pictures of a more accessible wooden watch tower visited a month earlier.

Some new kid on the block

The crooked hat roof,  already there in an early post

More slippery climbing stuff and a second castle