28 December 2012

Who's first?

Winter Sales #4  After being confronted one time too many by Festool enthousiasts in March, I went to Wikipedia and other sites.

Seeing on a forum and in Wikipedia the claim that: Festool is the inventor of the first portable chainsaw, the orbital sander, the portable circular saw with guide rail, the Domino jointer, the Systainer storage system and a number more.[citation needed] , I looked further

On a Festo site the claims are less extended:  In 1929, when Albert Fezer and Gottlieb Stoll developed the first portable chainsaw .... Throughout the years, Festool has continued to set benchmarks for the industry with the introduction of the first orbital sander, the first eccentric sander, the Rotex® dual-mode sander, the first brushless drill driver, and the revolutionary DOMINO® tenon joiner. 

- In 1926 Mafell The world's first portable carpentry machine. Mafell  The machine is probably a chain mortiser.
- Andreas Stihl ... patented and developed an electrical chainsaw for use on bucking sites in 1926 and a gasoline-powered chainsaw in 1929.  Wikipedia
- Others ... I Don't Know is on third.  A&C
- In 1927, Emil Lerp, the founder of Dolmar, developed the world's first gasoline-powered chainsaw and mass-produced them. Wikipedia
- 1929, when Albert Fezer and Gottlieb Stoll developed the first portable chainsaw  Festo
Anyway when the time is right,  it's time for everyone ... but surgeons who used portable chainsaws for cutting bones in tight places during the 19th century.

As for the Domino,  it's a great tool but it owes much to Lamello as a concept (an early plunge saw by the way)  and to the Mafell duo dowell for its positioning abilities.  More a synthesis than a revolution. Oh yes since then I discovered that Mafell can be the new Festool.

OK  I vented,  the Festool crowd can continue their show.