29 December 2012

Crutches for the weak

Winter Sales #5 - started in October - A post about scrapers and burnishers.

But first a cultural escape.  In my mind there is a crutches divide over the Atlantic, where not only Roy Underhill, but every television show seems to favor underarm crutches.  Where here, only Stevenson's Long John Silver or prewar pictures show us these models. In daily life  I only know forearm crutches.

I have scrapers and a burnisher,  but although useful, the results are not overly spectacular.  Veritas has a clever burnisher with a set angle looking quite attractive.  Now Ulmia has also its own burnishing block.  So with ebay.de and some patience I got a second hand model.

And it works,  with a constant angle I get better results.  I discovered later that some make a similar setup with a slotted piece of wood and an angled router bit shaft.

Even better was possibly to follow a good method when preparing the scraper. I found Michael Pekovich showing how burnishing can be done with a light touch and a wooden block with a saw kerf as proposed by Brian Boggs.