26 May 2012

Wooden planes - jack of all planes

Fourth post in a series about western wooden planes

Looking for a rebate plane,  I got interested in, the pair of Veritas Skew Rebate Planes (just kidding) - some #(0)78 model.  But then I decided to look for a wooden model.  No problem here Ulmia has a rebate (and fillister) plane Falzhobel.  Finding them for cheap is more difficult, when the second hand price is interesting it concerns their Grathobel (pictured right) a skewed-blade angled-sole fillister plane to make sliding dovetails.

And then I found at a better price the Howal Universal-Hobel, the swiss army knife of planes. The plane was conceived, I think, in some eastern german engineering free-haven in the seventies.

The universal theory:
  1. Schrupphobel  (scrubbing plane):  Use the rounded blade and open the mouth
  2. Schlichthobel (jack): Mouth to 2mm
  3. Doppelhobel (double iron jack): iron at 1mm, mouth at 1.5mm
  4. Putzhobel (smoother): iron at 0.5mm, mouth 1mm
  5. Reformputzhobel (high angle smoother): iron at 0.3mm, mouth at 0.5mm and raise the bedding to 49°
  6. Einfachsimshobel (rebate, #78 ish): iron at 5mm mouth 2mm, iron lined with the body side
  7. Doppelsimshobel (double iron rebate, sort of  Stanley #10): iron at 1mm mouth 1.5mm, iron lined with the body side
  8. Falshobel (fillister): iron at 5mm mouth 2mm, iron lined with the body side, the spur extending 1mm under the sole.
The plane set in configuration 5,  high angle smoother.  Was it not for the mouth stuck in open position.  I need to wait until the wood dries this summer, maybe it will shrink enough to free the front-handle - mouth-setting-screw.  I should have gone for an all metal plane or at least avoided overly dynamic beech.

A last detail, the two irons are compound blades welded to a narrower profiled cast iron body.