29 April 2012

Wooden planes - wedging

Third post in a series about western wooden planes

With a little focus, some patience and the help of ebay and others, I became without really wanting it a small scale wooden plane collector.  One aspect is the variety of systems to hold a blade.

In this case a cheap east german plane of the eighties by Howal, with horrible plastic handles.  I was unable to find anything about Howal on the internet yet.  The major remaining german plane makers being ECE and Ulmia

Wedged in side groves. This construction is more complex to make than when using the cross bar.  As the wedge groves are in the side it could make the plane less stiff but I am not sure it is a problem.
The plane itself is from VGM a (undocumented) belgian maker with a Peugeot blade. The bottom of the plane is slightly hollow, until I fix it.  This could be wear but I imagine it is the result of a manufacturer inexperience with the use of a compound wooden body.

The reform refers to the mobile mouth to be set with the screw visible behind the front handle. And I bought it to be used as a dedicated smoothing plane (putzhobel) even if it was delivered with a fully open mouth
This type of blade attachment is already used by Ulmia for its Dilettanten-Doppelhobel in the twenties. Dilletant refering to amateurs, I guess no real woodworker would need to use such mercantile contraption.

With spring
Another Howal model this time with  precision iron setting ( Eisen-Feineinstellung). The mouth is not very precise,  but no plastic this time. Both Ulmia and ECE have similar planes with in their current catalog .  It's perfect for people who don't like to hit a plane until it works fine.