21 January 2012


One of the victims of the last storm here was a large poplar (populus) at the arboretum of Groenendaal.  According to wikipedia the genus has a large genetic diversity, and can grow from anywhere between 15–50 m (50 to 165 ft) tall, with trunks of up to 2.5 m (8 ft) diameter. The new king of the wood is a beech with a circumference of 5.8 m where it was 6 m for this one.  As no roads are involved the tree is there to stay.

The tree is the small one on the sign dwarfed by American counterparts and the Atomium. As this is a small country,  there is not much big here.  The Atomium (1958 Brussels) 102 m,   was still bested  by Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal (Antwerp) 123 m. That became the new champion when the cathédrale Notre-Dame-et-Saint-Lambert 134 m (1200-1795 Liège) went down for its 300000 pounds of by then French revolutionary lead. 

But to stay with wood, beech forests are sometimes cathedrals on their own .