13 December 2011

Open toolboxes - 4

This post is part of a series about open toolboxes.  Popular woodworking published an article of the early (starting out in America) Frank Klausz toolbox  Your First Tool Kit. Searching on-line I found it here.  At first sight it had not much special,  but after being made more aware through Popular Woodworking and Chris Schwarz of more standard toolboxes,  I became attracted by its lay out.  Where a traditional toolbox gives access through its top to a deep box and is partially filled with sliding drawers at the top level.   This box sets the drawer at the bottom and gives a more easily accessible box at the top.   A second aspect clearly shown by the Klausz box is that the bottom drawer does not cover  the whole bottom and leaves room to place larger objects like chisels and planes at the sides.

Here follows three toolboxes,  one from Frank Klausz as presented in his Your First Tool Kit article and two others I found on a second hand site, 2 .

We are now forty years and more later, I can imagine that this design further evolved and that modern metallic toolboxes represent a newer generation of the toolbox with drawers design.