30 December 2011

Meta post

As I am finishing this blog second year, this is a post about the blog.  I nearly stopped the blog in march but in the end continued, it's still a wonderfull world and the blog is maybe my way to take some notes about  it.  The excellent millcreek woodworking blogger echoes a taxonomy about wood blogs:  Some .., some ...,  some don’t seem to make any sense at all. That's ok,  according to my grandfater the family motto was ni sous, ni sens  (nor money nor sense)

After using various Bruegel pictures in recent posts,  I add a missing one,  having used a detail for the figure of my blog profile.  I was looking for a carpenter in a Bruegel painting, found one, without his tools but quite liked the head in the shadows in accordance with my intended 'anonymity'.  It's a surprising picture that could be named alone in the crowd.  I see it as a Bruegel self-portrait,  but I could be wrong as I don't know what specialists say. It's tempera on very old cloth so this time no blog fitting description: wooden panel with decorative oil finish.