16 December 2011

Cart fences

After seeing an analogy between chisel racks and hay cart fences ...  I know, let's say it was beer,  I went on internet to find hay cart pictures.  I found surprisingly few of them,  time and mechanisation have changed the situation since I worked on them. I did find a picture of a small one on a French second hand site.  Char à foin en bois,  appropriately for this blog made of wood,  only the two recovered small truck axles are in metal.

To fully load a cart you may need a fourche à balle  allowing to deliver 20 kg (sometimes 40 kg) straw or hay bales up to 4 m (13') high.  When loading a cart the safety risks are numerous, if you are unlucky you can be stabbed by a pitchfork,  fall, impale yourself on the fence to finish under the wheels of the moving cart, by this tipping it over to get buried under tons of bales where what becomes your last cigarette starts a bonfire.

For the fun of it two Bruegel paintings De oogst and a detail of De hooi oogst (both 1565), with straw and hay carts.