20 November 2011


After looking at a 50 year old tool-chest in a previous post,  I was unable to situate one tool.

Not so much the wooden paring helper,  it's there for paring mitered profiles,  like the one on the following image.  In this case the joint is tight but the profile has a gap.

It's rather what could be an angled pinch dog to be seen at the top.  Maybe it's used to hold and tighten the joint while it's drawbored.  For nailing it would be only usable for the first two joints.  I add two pictures, one of a pinch dog, the other of a clam clamp both to hold while gluing.

As a last thing, the toolbox is missing one major tool.  I expect the former owner to have a combination machine for cutting, planing, moulding, mortise. And the tenons?  Maybe they are done with a handsaw.  The picture does not show the more impressive pre-war cast iron machine, but it gives 4 operations in one shot.  In modern variations shaper and saw both use a sliding table (solving at the same time the tenoning problem) and share a fence with the planer.

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