12 November 2011

Open toolboxes - 3

Another part in a toolbox series triggered by Chris Schwarz attention for toolboxes in The anarchist Toolchest.

I found a few weeks back Roy Underhill's 1940's Carpenter's Toolbox drawing.  Looking at it probably triggered it's dismissal, as the link is broken,  and there is nothing left on-line about that toolbox. The carpenter toolbox is interesting as it aims for portability and it tries to do something useful with the lid.  But that comes with a price, to keep access to the bottom of the box, the sides must be low and once opened the lid more than doubles the footprint of the box, unless the box is set at the edge of a table.

Luckily the concept is still alive, Homestead Heritage School Of Woodworking has a six days course to make one of these.

Looking for alternatives to the design, one possibility is to open the lid upwards.  In this case the moving lid needs a recess to leave room for the handle or a clever alternative.  A possible problem is that the box becomes too high once opened and falls over.  A last alternative is to make a detachable lid that could be fixed at the back of the box.  I have never seen this so it is probably not the right idea.

After searching the whole internet I remembered to look in FWW: #24 - A Joiner's Tool Case with interesting details like lengthened drawer runners and a smaller bottom drawer to give a better access to the bottom compartment.  Also present in Jim Tolpin's Toolbox book in many variations and labelled lidded totes.

A more modern take on a finish carpenter's tool tote comes from Gary Katz.  It's a fixed top model.   The drawer has moved to the bottom of the box.  The top is there to sit and stand and has even recesses to hold screws.  The round holes are for holding cordless power drills. An external rack is there for the chisels. The whole fits into a milk crate.