30 September 2011

Beam saw

Closing ranks,  I spent the day working with a beam saw,  for me it was a first.  Compared to a table saw it is of course bigger,  most values are x3.  Three air flotation outfeed tables for example.  There is also less to see,  I didn't see the saw(s) once.  As long as no mistakes are made there is nothing difficult here apart from following the instructions.  Of course I didn't do that all the time. The easiest mistake being: feeding a panel in the wrong direction, and with a feed capacity of 3m by 3m (10' x 10') and a cutting speed of 1m/s such a mistake is easily done. That's probably why there is an attempt to make the steering of the machine fool proof:  the work pieces are shown with their correct  orientation on the screen.
Feeding the machine with a new panel  is by lack of a panel lift to move 70 and more kg panels, a two man job. After the first cuts the weight and sizes are more manageable for a single operator.  My estimate is that I was cutting something like 20m² an hour when everything went fine.