29 July 2011

Vagnmakeri på Söder

Lost and found again: Vagnmakeri på Söder.  After seeing an old school, by 1932 standards, Swedish wheelwright, I lost track of the link to the video. Looking now at the title it is not really a surprise.  Thanks to Kari Hultman link page I found it back.

Seeing the movie for a second time,  I discovered many interesting details. The use of a frame saw.  Also the live use of compasses to mark sixth and twelfth of the circumference.  Tenon and mortise technique ....

Another video on the list showed  a clog maker.  A former clog shop down the street, with stylised clogs on a red and green tyles facade (30's or 60's no cue) is now getting replaced by a taller building. Described that way, way way up the street (immer gerade aus) is the House of Parliament facing the Royal Palace.
My regret here is that I never bought clogs when it still was possible.  The only clogs I see have a Dutch (Swedish?) design.  And I can't imagine myself wearing these. ... Saved again.  Looking for a picture of clogs I found that the Gilles of Binche, clog wearing dancing straw men, living 80 km south-west, made it to the Unesco list. So not all is lost as they must have a supply line available. On the drawing details of the clog are hidden by over-clogs,  but the typical leather band is visible.

And now something completely different, a song linking clogs and queens on music attributed to Orlande de Lassus who was born (1532) and raised in Mons, that's way down the road (16 km immer gerade aus) to Binche.

Ils m'ont appelée "Vilaine", avec mes sabots
Ils m'ont appelée "Vilaine", avec mes sabots
Je ne suis pas si vilaine, avec mes sabots dondaine
Oh, oh, oh ! avec mes sabots
S'il fleurit, je serai reine

They called  me common with my clogs
I am not that ugly wearing clogs ...