14 July 2011

Edge lipping planer

I am not in the face frame tradition when using plywood for a cabinet. Nevertheless I need a strip as a minimal frame to hide the plywood layers. Those thin strips give two critical steps gluing and finishing.  The problem with finishing is a precise finish without touching the plywood surface.  Luckily there are tools for that,  but they come with a price.
The most impressive (certainly in price) is the Lamello Cantex Lipping Machine

Virutex and others offer a lob sided power planer as edge lipping planer

And then the edge trimmers.  Virutex again with a router that can be set from 90° to -1,5°.  Festool offers something similar but with separate 90°, 0° and -1,5° bases.  Others like Bosch only offer a vertical solution

Makita has an edge trimmer with a transparent base with an horizontal option.  Although I can't see any fine adjustments.
Routers can also be used with a kit. I found one for a horizontal setup made by Festool.  It helps that Festool has one handed plunge router, where I am stuck with a two handed router. A two handed router is possibly safer, in this case Festool makes of his router a two handed setup and is much better than my router balanced on the side of a board.  Even here balance is a problem as the edge gets damaged when the pressure of the right hand is released for just one second.

Making my own kit?  I got some ideas from  Robert Wearing's Router Tips & Techniques.  In one example he balances a two handed plunge router with a leveling foot to round an edge. It's not complete for my problem as the router sole must still be raised over the protruding strip to work as a lipping planer. But it seems a good match for my router.  And now I need to find something like the Vanguard Routing Rods used in his setup.