26 April 2011

Saws - Reciprocating (Sabre)

Today I moved three reciprocating saws in and got an armful of saws back from the repair shop.  We use them for pallet repair,  some chops seem to use bandsaws or mighty robots,  but these are certainly good at cutting wood and nails.
The Hitachi is end of life,  no one wants to use them,  so it will hang around for some time.  The Flex model (1200W) is good but we are moving away from it.  One out of six users prefer the Dewalt DW 311 - 1200W.   Four out of six users prefer the Makita  JR3070CT and its  1500W (that's 2hp and if you divide W by V you get A or is it P by U to get I).  Another possibility is that the Makita Active Dynamic Vibration Absorber makes the difference.  "Damien get more Makitas next time",  I ordered two extra.