20 March 2011

Cabinet maker's apprentice

This month I started 20 hours/week job in a small cabinet maker shop.  Consisting of the owner, a journeyman, an apprentice and me.  Having no prior experience in the trade,  I can consider myself as an apprentice.  This in some way sets me on the same level as the apprentice Thomas of the The Joiner and Cabinet Maker.  Of course  things are never the same, my first job is not making a packing box, but digital paperwork.  The first two weeks I moved the existing orders spreadsheet to a database,  linked it to an order time registration system, and extended it with invoicing. Next step is to set up the materials ordering system,  important in our case as we work with a limited stock.  Bob Rozaieski shows in a recent post that attention for the administrative is not new, by referring to The 1772 Philadelphia Furniture Price Book, that documents the cost and time related to the manufacturing of  standard furniture.  My next activities are close to the development of a Furniture Price Book as I need to extend our CAD catalog for quotes and to lighten the pre-production burden.
Who knows,  three months from now I may have created my first own CNCed furniture.