27 February 2011

Hollow and round planes - 4

Contrary to my expectations and 40 days late (or later) the second package with the six planes finally arrived.  The package was battered but the planes were all in good condition.
The set completed,  3 pairs and 4 singles, the bottom row before cleanup.

The blades still in their original "The irons all need cleaning as there is some rust. A worthwhile project." state

The round 6, shortened,  the only damaged part of the set.  Seen after a first cleanup on my cheap oil-stone (I think it is made of concrete),  that I keep dry.  The tip shows some dip, so  I could have used the ruler trick,  but I finished it by lightly polishing it on a hard felt wheel with some Veritas green rouge.

 This morning I spotted on ebay four planes of unspecified size, I thought it was a pair of 8 and a round 12 and 14,  three of the four I am missing to have matched pairs.  Made a half hearted attempt with a  21 £ bid and lost from a late(r) sniper. Anyway for now it's more important to use them.