15 January 2011


Last months three wood related subjects caught my attention,   Compound angle mortice and tenon joints, hurdy-gurdies (wheel fiddles) and hollow and round planes.  All three are rather complex,  so they passed by undocumented and my blog grinded to a halt.  I think it is time to start to catch up.

Compound angle mortice and tenon joints are interesting,  my last project included them,  are there setups for mere mortals that allows us to make them easily.  Looking around on the internet I found some answers,  long enough to fill some pages.

I saw some Hurdy gurdies as a teenager. And now I got interested again, just after I claimed that "lutherie", that's stringed instrument making-repairing, was nothing for me as it asks for precision, attention, experience and musical qualities. Maybe I have all of these, but then in very limited quantities.  Nevertheless the internet offers a whole world of makers, plans, workshops.  And as wheel fiddles are, unlike basic violins, expensive instruments, it is tempting to attempt to make one,  just for holding such an instrument once.  Of course as the wheel fiddle is a cross between a bagpipe and a violin,  the result will probably combine the worst of both instruments. Destroying the instrument afterwards will probably be an act of mercy.

Hollow and round planes are hot thanks to the massive efforts set into the Musings from Big Pink blog.  Hollow and rounds complete the possibilities offered by my Stanley 13-050 Combination Plane,  so it is interesting to look further into the possibilities of these planes.

That's it for today,  I must see if I catch up.