09 November 2010

Woodworking course - 9

My project is started, discovered that I am better of bringing something to measure widths when buying wood.  Used a Excel sheet to get most things sorted out.  As I go for small, tapered mortise and tenon joinery,  I am in for a maximum of problems.  Before long I will claim it is a basic prototype of a single unit series,  time will tell.
I started with jointer planer and panel saw and then made a panels with biscuits.  The biscuit jointer is some abused Elu (now Dewalt) model.

As Steve Branam remembered us to Just Say No To Cast Iron Holdfasts,  I checked two older holdfasts still hanging in the clamps rack.   These are part industrial product,  part hand forged.  It is hard to date them but they are certainly not new, the current workbenches don't have any holes for a holdfast.  The bottom is also mushroomed from releasing the holdfast and would not fit a tight hole.