31 October 2010

Woodworking course - 8

One more
A last joint,  where we combined a profile in the front and for the back a groove at the bottom and a rabbet at the top.  On retrospect it was intended as an exercise about manual feeding the profiler but I just made a heavier use of my tenon saw.  I even avoided the tenon machine as the two machines where in use by using my saw.  Of course hand sawing tenons gives problems on straightness.  It is probably better to finish with a router plane or a router to get correct alignment. Apart from that I left a large gap in the mitered profile.  Before I try this on a real project,  I need to exercise my skills on a number of test joints.

The joint with only tenon and mortise. To avoid any confusion about side and the like, I now draw every joint detail before cutting.:

The joint with all the grooves and cutouts:

I looked for a first project and found one.  I intend to make a small frame and panel chest based on the dimension of a rectangular stool.  Dimensions 45cm-45cm-30cm (18"-18"-12").  If I stick to the stool model the chest is tapered. Of course this strongly reduces my chances to produce tight joints.  As material I probably go for the cheapest pine,  even if the traditional material here are oak and beech.