18 October 2010

Woodworking course - 7

I started with a succession of mistakes, confusing left, right, top and bottom.  I ended drawing all the cuts on the piece before cutting and even then I messed up by cutting the tenon to deep.  I also discovered that the tenon should not overlap with the rabbet.

room for improvement

too long that cut

lay out problem

Next a tenon joint with a profile on the front and an extended shoulders. Even with the help of a copper plated parring jig,  I came 10 minutes short to finish it (or to mess it up).

That's it for today,  I hope that we start some real project pretty soon.  After today I feel confident that I will mess up just any project I will undertake.  Therefore I plan to mill 30% extra profiles to be able to correct mistakes without bothering about precise shaper setup.  
In another galaxy, Steve Branam of the Close Grain blog shows how in just a weekend he mastered Ball And Claw Carving, impressive.