06 October 2010

Woodworking course - 5

We went through haunched tenon and then a mitered haunched tenon.  The gap at the front is due to a bad alignment of the cutter heads.

haunched tenon

mitered haunched tenon

Then we went for something new,  a  tenon joint with a groove and a profile in the front.  The profile will be mitered where the back stays normal,  this give a tenon of unequal length.  We started with the mortise, then the tenon,  then most probably the profile and to finish cutting everything in place with handsaw and chisel.

For reference Sean Hughto and Charles Stanford documents the creation of the same joint, much more elegantly, using handtools on Derek Cohens site

It was a fast start, and I got the length of the tenon wrong (I think).  The cut is made with the front against the table to get a good fit at the front.  Next week we probably discover profiles.