06 October 2010

About the blog

I decided to structure my internet wood related stuff, by setting the more interesting sites into Google Reader.  When inserting a site I got the number of Reader inscriptions to a blog.  There is probably a better way to see this,  but I have not found it yet.  Not counting magazines and the like, many have 20+ subscribers,  some get 100+ and the champions go over 500.  With Matthias Wandel from woodgears.ca and The Village Carpenter in the champion category.

As out of the common blogs I see: Chris Hall, the kitchen carpenter, with his 34 irregular joints sawhorse;   Mathias Wandel,  the engineer woodworker and Anxo Mosquera (yes Google translate please) a all capital woodworker.

Me, I pass the 9 months,  52 posts mark, have 0 subscribers and my presence is only to give others a good feeling about their achievements.  Visits are mainly Google directed for the st_nley thirteen fifty (no Google,  nothing to index here) pl_ne.  Besides that, my notes about the cellulose based vacuum powered engines from Mathias and my poor attempts to document medieval wooden artefacts.

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