15 September 2010

Workshop - Cabinetmaker

I made a short visit to a cabinetmaker (European style) on a quite day.  He offers 30+ standard models of cabinets with no set dimensions in 30+ finishes through the use of finished panels and edge banding. Stock management and grouping is important here as only few finishes are in stock. Assembling cabinets is not a problem, he offers the same price for the panels with hardware as for assembled cabinets.

There are only four 'machines' visible on the workfloor:

1 The tablesaw (panelsaw) does not see much use any more and is only there as a spare.
table saw

2 The panel beam saw.  Here again in a more recent setup the machine is not really necessary as todays CNC machines can cut down the panels.
Panel beam saw

3 The CNC machine.  On front you can see the safety mat,  the machine stops when there is someone on it.

4 Edge banding