01 June 2010

French woodworks

I did a short trip to Paris.  Setting foot on the French soil, by stepping out of my car, I was confronted with a Roubo like pick-nick table. On one side there is the massiveness, on the other the legs are not in line with the top nor jointed through the top.  But that's ok,  what makes a good workbench, makes a poor pick-nick table.  For one moment I thought that Chris Schwarz had come over to contaminate the whole country.  But no, this was a one of a kind bench,  all the other tables around me made a more modest use of wood,  half of them even had a concrete base (now concrete, that's an idea for a workbench).

In Paris there is not that much visible woodwork.  An interesting place is the musée des arts et metiers, as you can for example hope to see some Roubo carpentry models there.  But after parking at the Eiffel tower and taking the boat to Notre Dame we did not get further than Beaubourg two blocks short of Arts et Metiers (arts and crafts, although Arts and Crafts translates to Arts et Artisanats). Another time maybe.

Parking place close to the Eiffel tower (that's the breadcrumb picture to get my car back)

 Waiting for the boat to Notre Dame, while the fire brigade is training its recruits.

Some doors facing Notre Dame

The town hall

 High standing (this is art) carpentry at Beaubourg

 All this under the watchful eye of (Lucian) Freud