25 April 2010


Visiting friends, I had the chance to see the blossoming pear orchards.  Even if pear trees can go up to 30 years,  there is not much wood to it.  They don't make them like in the good old days any more

The old days are sometimes still there, here a picture of a full size pear tree taken last week (also conference type).  According to a very old neighbour,  that tree was already old when he was young.  If true, that sets the tree in the 19th century.  The trunk is straight but twisted,  so there is not much valuable here.

I also looked at the church tower from 1720.  I came for the timber work of the roof of the main building,  but that was much too dark to see anything.  So I got some pictures of the internal frame holding the clocks.

Some pictures of furniture made in the local workshop one or two generations ago.The reddish tint of the wood is attributed to ox blood.

Another example, with much nailing here.  I didn't  check how the drawers where made,  my guess is simply rabbeted and nailed without any dovetailing.  The sculpting is added on top and probably does not originate from the shop.  The side panel's are not framed but no cracks here.

To finish, a factory (?) made oak washing table.