16 April 2010

Cabinet making

After looking at the New Yankee presentation about cabinet making  Oak Bathroom Vanity - Program #106 I looked if it can be done with a 'minimal' toolset,  in this case the I Can Do That toolset and some more (a router).  And considering that I have access to a wide array of technical solutions, even within the minimal toolset; what alternatives can be used on the proposed construction.

Step 1 Fixing the bottom to the side panels. After cutting the two massive oak side panels two frames are added to the bottom and the top.  The bottom frame is butt joined with screws and glue and fixed the same way to the side. Technically there is nothing difficult to the proposed solution. On a different note, I would prefer that everything is of the same material (massive oak or plywood) and orientation.
The bottom frame is not really necessary as the side panels are very sturdy and can support the cabinet,  but:
  1. It helps to fix bottom plate to the side panel.  The panels are held together without any screws visible from the outside.
  2. It holds the side panel in position while the other sides are added to the cabinet.

Alternative 1: Dado
The side board is thick enough, I can dado the side over the full length. Once the bottom glued,  the sides are held together and the bottom is supported over its full length.  As a router is available it is not really a problem.  Making a dado of the same width of the as the bottom thickness is probably not easy.

Alternative 2: Dowels
Glued dowels or unglued with hidden screws like Ikea.  Here again no frame.  Also a limited support for the bottom as only the dowels are supporting it, apparently that's OK.  Technically I don't have the precise machines used by Ikea.  I can make a hardwood template like Krenov.  But I need a way to drill perfectly square holes.  This probably means I need a drill holder or a drill press.

Alternative 3: Pocket holes
Line up pocket holes from under the bottom. Used with glue it is gluing without clamping.  I would probably favour this solution.

Alternative 4:  Biscuits
Close to a dowelled solution but with more room for error.  And it'savailable through the toolset.