03 April 2010

Workshop shelves

At last, I did a little more clean-up in my workshop (spring is in the air?),  this time I set up new shelves.  The end result is certainly not up to average web publishing standards.  I added a large number of shelves within hand reach in the hope it helps to keep the work surface free of clutter.  I plan to add a free standing workbench and or mounting-cutting table to replace the two wobbly Workmates as a next step.

I made two shelves of hardboard sandwiching a light wooden frame.  But the result is not convincing as it is less sturdy and costs as much as cheap 18 mm ( 0,7") plywood.  Clamping was a problem as I can only easily clamp one side of the shelve when gluing. Finishing on the other hand was a pleasure as it was the first chance to set my (Anant) #5 jack plane at work.