18 March 2010

Finish Carpenter Toolset

On the JLC forum Kreg McMahon shows his (fes)tool set used to build a bookcase on site.  As I had already listed (under Minimal Toolset - 2) a finish carpenter toolset of the fifties,  it is nice to have a more updated version.
  • cordless drill(s)
  • two sanders
  • two routers
  • Festool Domino 
  • two jigsaws
  • a miter saw on table
  • a plunge saw 
  • two mft 3 workbenches with guide rail set square
  • clamps 
  • a Kreg pocket hole machine
  • a vacuum cleaner
  • a leaf blower  
  • two tape measures + folding ruler
  • combination square
  • pin hole jig (off-site)
  •  ...
the toolset

 the bookcases
Surprisingly or not,  this toolset is very similar to the popular woodworking I Can Do That basic tools I documented earlier.  The major difference is the presence of a router.  The Festool Domino used here is also different but it is close to a biscuit joiner,  although some dowelling equipment could cover the need for sturdier joints.