17 February 2010

Tram renovation

Visiting Han and using the old (1905 & 1968) 4 km track that is still in service (300 000 passengers/year). I could see that the old wooden open carriages have been completely rebuild. This carriage is from 1994 and made in the local repair workshop.  Apparently they know how to curve wood in this shop.

An interesting detail is the floor cut around the post supports.  My guess is that in the original (? <1950) version the supports were set on top of the floor,  as the design is to rounded and irregular for an easy cut out.  But that after years of use the floor started to rot.  The only way to repair it would have been to cut out all the, by then rusted, bolts and to lift the roof as a whole.  In this version,  the floor can be replaced without touching the roof.  And the roof posts will not start to move down or tilt when the floor is weakening.