14 February 2010

Minimal toolset - 3

Checking the I Can Do That toollist, I see that it is completely covered, mainly through my existing tool set .  I added a 'cheap as chips' biscuit joiner and miter saw.  Found a pocket hole kit from Wolfcraft through amazon.de .  The Wolfcraft kit is based on the Pozidriv #1 bit and and as such different to the Kreg square bits although the same shouldered 9,5mm drill is used.
I tried to go kit less, but  the use of a shouldered drill is a necessity to make a pocket hole.  The Philips and the square screwdrivers are also replaced by a Pozidriv as this is the main standard here.
  • combination square 
  • tape measure
  • jigsaw
  • coping saw 
  • miter saw
  • circular saw
  • drill (corded or cordless) 
  • rasp and file
  • random orbit sander + #100 #150 #200
  • block plane
  • two sided oilstone + oil
  • biscuit joiner or pocket hole kit 
  • hammer and nail set
  • bit screwdriver with bits: small, medium and large slotted, #1 and #2  Pozidriv
  • workmate
  • clamps 
Addition 1: Guiding rail for the circular saw.  I lost patience and got one

Addition 2: Router  After looking at a finish carpenter toolset,  the main difference was the router.

Addition 3: Jack plane and scraper (and burnisher).  After seeing the FWW Surface prep: power sanders against handplanes, as handtools are sometimes more fun

Addition 4: A standard (back)saw or even an eastern model, to make (half lap) joints.  No carpenter without a saw. And chisels, a few chisels and a mallet, please.

Remove 1:  Honing oil as John Juranitch agrees with a coarse-fine method, but claims that oil is worse than useless.  Adding a sharpening guide as "There is just no comparison between the results you get when using our guide and sharpening free-handed"