15 February 2010

Minimal project

While I was trying to clean up my workshop, my son wanted a piece of scrap-wood to make a 'real' sword, even if I had already allowed him to wield my bokken (a Japanese wooden  sword or is it sabre). So two half lap joints and some glue later, he has his sword. As a single joint project, it is a minimum in woodworking.
Although when I bought the bokken it became a zero joints project. I removed every sharp edge with sandpaper and shortened the point with a file to make it blunt. After that I scraped the remaining varnish and oiled the wood. I was quite happy with the quality of the wood as it supported every (ab)use and never splintered or broke over the years. The crack in the handle is what made it cheap, and will probably give a blister if you wield it the whole day. The bokken is shown here without tsuba (guard). I only used the tsuba on provincial-national meetings where you never know witch kind of sparring tradition your training partner has in mind.