22 February 2010


This time a sizable project,  but not much woodworking.  Doing some home renovation, I assembled a kitchen made by a famous Swedish cabinetmaker.

Circular saw
As my older Bosch circular saw has problems to cut a straight line, even with a guide, I got frustrated enough to buy a, cheaper than Festool, Makita plunge saw with rail. I got it at destocking price from Netherland, but nevertheless it was was time to regret I did not jump on the cheap second-hand Festool plunge saw I spotted back in September.  The plunge saw worked very well,  certainly for the cut outs. I could have done them with a jigsaw, but not without any stress, as the lowest point of the blade tend to wander left or right when I cut. As an afterthought, it is probably the cheapish blade I bought for the Bosch circular saw, to replace my old original 10 tooth blade, that gave the problem  .