27 January 2010

Minimal toolset

Where to start with woodworking? When looking at high profile woodworking blogs it is more probable (according to Paretto) to find a page discussing the 7th plane in a personal collection, than a page discussing the first plane.  So in some ways blogs knowingly present a distorted view of necessities.  A first step is to hunt down blogs and sites for the needed tools.  With needed tools I mean, that there is no excuse to start a project once those are bought.

Modern Woodworking
Popular Woodworking implemented the idea of a 'minimal' toolset thoroughly with the I Can Do That projects and toolset.
  • (combination) square 
  • tape measure
  • jigsaw
  • coping saw 
  • miter saw
  • (circular saw)
  • drill (corded or cordless) 
  • rasp and file
  • random orbit sander + #120 #150 #200
  • block plane
  • two sided oilstone + oil
  • biscuit joiner or pocket hole kit 
  • hammer and nail set
  • bit screwdriver with bits: small, medium and large slotted, #1 and #2 square drive and Phillips 
  • workmate
  • clamps 
Minimal Hand Tool Sets
For hand tool sets there is some choice although 'minimal' is mostly a problem.  Dan from Dan's Shop works out the toolset problem by proposing  (1.) the toolset used to make a shaker cupboard, (2.)cleans up doubles to have a minimum toolset and finally (3.) the tooolset that could build a similar cupboard less some more advanced tools or techniques.
  • workbench
  • sawbench 
  • 8” brace
  • auger bits
  • twist bit
  • claw hammer
  • nail set
  • Phillips head and flat screwdrivers
  • 6” square
  • framing square with Veritas Square Fence 
  • awl
  • pencils
  • marking knife 
  • 6’ folding rule
  • marking gauge (cutting)
  • Stanley # 5 jack plane
  • Stanley #18 block plane
  • drawknife 
  • card scraper 
  • half-round single cut file
  • 1/4" - 3/4" chisel
  • 20” cross-cut panel saw (12 tpi)
  • 26” rip saw (5 ½ tpi), 
  • cross-cut back saw (12 tpi)