29 January 2010

Combination Square

The Dan's Shop minimal toolset description of measurement equipment is as follow: Framing square w/ Veritas square fence  (I like this fence, but wish it was thin on both sides, so I could use it on 3/4 stock in left and right orientation ), 6” square, 6” combination square  ... Worth drawknife; ... marking gauge (cutting)

Dan's framing square w/ Veritas square fence  is functionnaly similar, but bigger and from different origin  than my only square, a Sandvik (now Bahco) 250 mm (10'') square.  The Sandvik square is a fully metric as the fence is exactly 10 mm wide,  making it easy to switch from internal to external measurements. The fence only protrudes 4 mm (<1/4''),  in that aspect it is an improvement on the Veritas fence.
Thinking about it, having a bigger square could be more comfortable when marking panels and Bahco squares come in four sizes. On the other side of the spectrum,  a small (combination) square is also an improvement when drawing out cut outs and hole positions, or checking depths.

I looked on ebay and found the Bahco 400mm squares in the UK, but also Bahco combination 6'' squares. Those are possibly end of series, as they are unmentioned in the catalogue.  So I went for a, now cheaper, Bahco combination square and added a Wolfcraft 500 mm fenced square found in a DIY shop